Privacy Policy

This document (the “Policy”) details our policy on how Quaker Meetings Network handles your personal data. By using our services and websites you agree to this policy. 7 February 2020

1Information We Collect and How We Use It
1.1We collect the following information about every user of our website: (a) IP address (b) browser type (c) device type. This data is anonymised through tokens and not traceable back to you. We collect this data for analytical purposes to improve our services.
1.2Users of our services who log into our service are required to provide the follow information: (a) full name, (b) email address, (c) password (only known to each user), (d) phone number (optional disclosure for phone support), (e) IP address(es). We use this information to provide you with our services.
1.3Passwords are encrypted in our database. Under absolutely no circumstance will we ever store your password in plaintext.
1.4To run our contact forms, we need to store the following personal data of a contactee: (a) full name, (b) email address. We use this information to send people emails in response to a website visitor submitting a contact form. This personal data is submitted to us by Website Managers who must get the permission of the contactee prior to the submission of personal data to our network.
2Data Storage & Security
We store all of our data on UK-based web servers with strong security to safeguard the data from misuse. We monitor our network actively for intrusions and we will be transparent if we discover any breach to our service.
3.1We take payments for our services using the payment service Stripe. We must provide certain personal data about you to raise invoices and to access payments. If you are a Website Manager or billpayer, you grant us permission to share your personal data (name and email) with Stripe for the purpose of raising and paying invoices. Your personal use of Stripe is also bound by their own policies and terms, of which we cannot change or comment on.
3.2We do not sell or grant access to any of your personal data to any third parties.
4.1We do not use cookies on our public sites.
4.2Users who log into our website must allow cookies in order to stay logged in to our network.
4.3Visitors who access an offline QMN website using a preview link must allow us to set a cookie to authenticate you against our maintenance firewall.
5Tracking & Analytics
5.1We do not use Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics package.
5.2We track your interaction with our website completely anonymously.
5.3We log the following analytical data about our website users: (a) page visits (b) if you arrive at one of our websites by clicking a link on another website, we record the website you came from (the referrer) (c) IP addresses (d) browser types (e) device types (f) timestamps
6Modifying or Removing your Personal Information
6.1The personal data we hold on our network users is available and modifiable at any time.
6.2You may request a copy of your personal data at any time. We will respond to such request within seven (7) calendar days. To make this facility sustainable, you agree to only make one request of this kind in any six (6) month period.
6.3You may request that we delete your personal data at any time. Doing so will result in you no longer having an account on Quaker Meetings Network.
6.4Whilst we will immediately delete personal data given the request, we are unable to delete your personal data from our backups. We keep our backups for 365 days, so whilst your data will be removed from the active network, you understand that your data will remain in our backups for one year after the date of removal. You engage with Quaker Meetings Network with this pre-understood.
7Email from Quaker Meetings Network
7.1Network users may be sent occasional crucial emails about their services.
7.2Quaker Meetings Network mailing lists are for network users only and are solely opt-in, should you wish to stay up to date with our services.
8External Links
Our websites contain links to websites operated by third parties under different privacy policies. Should you choose to visit one of those links, you will be leaving our network and this Policy will no longer apply.
9Changes to this policy
9.1We may revise this Policy at any time.
9.2Account holders will be notified of changes via email.
9.3All users are expected to check this Policy from time to time.